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Artist’s Statement
I’ve always been fascinated by realism in paintings.  The goal of my paintings is to meld realistic elements in an unrealistic manner, prompting the viewer to delve deeper into the connection of subjects.  Contrasts of light and dark, brooding and carefree, all play a part in my paintings in a way to convey mood and emotion to the viewer.  
Ohio native Jean Balbin began art classes at age 5.  By age 14, she won first place in a national art competition for her age group.  By age 17 she was painting commissioned pieces, entering shows and winning awards.  Trained as a traditional portrait artist, she branched into pet portraits and finally into painting her own ideas.  Fascination with nature and all its myriad creatures prompted the creation of her Zoobotanicals, half-plant/half-animal life forms, rendered in ballpoint pen on parchment and sold at  https://www.etsy.com/shop/JeanBalbinStudio.  The artist was featured in Artist Review Today and has exhibited in numerous galleries.  Her work is in private collections both here and abroad. 

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