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My love of stained glass began as a child in church, where, inevitably bored with adult sermons and songs, I’d gaze into the faces of the saints and angels that adorned the stained-glass windows surrounding me. I loved how the sun brought intensity to the colors as they cast their radiance upon the worshipers. The colors came alive. They charmed me, centered me and gently competed against the solemnity that pervaded the church. They made it the heavenly abode it was, and emphasized the importance of the place like nothing else could.  
Fast forward a decade or so, and I am married with one child, and desirous of a stained-glass lamp for our bedroom. Since our finances were meager, I purchased a stained-glass kit for an eighth of the price of a completed lamp, learned the art, and made one myself! I went from there to designing my own suncatchers, trinket boxes, and just about anything else I could think of for Christmas gifts. Another child later, my work was placed on the proverbial back burner, then slowly slipped into oblivion while I devoted my time to the more pressing certainties of dirty diapers, dishes, utility bills, divorce, and finishing my college degree.
A few years later while working in Boston, I would eat my lunch in Trinity Church in Copley Square during the Friday afternoon organ recitals. Other days, I would head there to steal a few moments away from the hustle of Boston business life. At times, I would be the only person in that massive cathedral. At those times, I loved the impenetrable silence there. It became my sanctuary away from the world.
That’s where I was first introduced to the works of John LaFarge, who reinvented the art of stained glass despite protestations from his rival, Lois Comfort Tiffany. [...]

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