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Jaye Williamson is an artist who works primarily with an assortment of artists’ pencils to create black and white drawings that are photographically realistic. Utilizing light and shade, he is able to reveal a depth and illumination that invites one into the scene. Whether portraying the serenity of a secret childhood hiding place, a nostalgic building or home, or favorite landmark of his faith, Jaye captures the emotion of the setting, inviting you in as well. An artist for decades, Jaye has enjoyed his extensive traveling career in sales which kept him continually exposed to the beauty of the Southeast. Jaye makes his home in Oxford, NC with his wife and four children. About the Artwork Each drawing is rendered on a 140 lb acid-free art paper. My drawings are all about the details, the texture, and the shadows. Each drawing takes approximately 30-50 hours to complete and I try  to provide just enough  information visually within the drawing that allows you to have an emotional response about what you see. I use an assortment of dark and light pencils, blending stumps, kneaded erasers, and small paintbrushes. I work exclusively on cream-toned papers because of the warmth and dramatic effect they emit. I strive to "show life through the pencil." I want to bring you into my world of black and white. While it is sometimes easier to see life and action in color, my goal is for you to see my drawings in a different,  more subtle way......to see the shadings, the detail, and the moods I try to create.  As I delve into the world of color I am finding a new way of looking at the world God has created.  It has taken years to train my eyes to see the [...]

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