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My art is about connections, to self, community, nature or all three. As a young artist riding my bicycle through small roads that meandered along the edges of the woods on the way to school, I recall being thrilled with new leaves just unfolding and gently waving in the breezes. I felt them speaking to me. Darkened skies threatening to unleash thunder, rain and lightening also excited me greatly and inspired me to paint.
Painting-making art, being outside in the garden, the woods, at the beach anywhere in nature and cooking are some of my favorite things to do! My work responds to all climates; political, environmental, and personal. I often feel that change is the only constant, and my lessons from the trees are to bend a little, and communicate more.
Being born in Connecticut, I am no stranger here. I studied at Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut where I luckily acquired an abundance of great foundational skills; painting, drawing, composition, printing and more. In 1982 I moved to New York City.
I became friends with sculptor Alexandra Carmel. She and I designed a program "Breaking Out" to unblock creative people. Art of Northeast America selected my work two consecutive years. New York was fruitful and energetic. My art became more and more narrative, colorful and expressed what my words could not. 
West Coast warmth and new adventures beckoned and I moved to Hollywood. A tiny studio on Fairfax allowed me to explore a variety of themes including loss and isolation. I enjoyed participating in a diverse range of art shows and eventually found my dream studio in Santa Monica where I lived and worked for eight years.
Chase the Monkey, my ongoing series, is about re-connecting with nature so that you can heal and get back out into [...]

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