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Forty years ago, a young boy watched his Native American grandmother design, assemble and sew his family’s quilts.  Today, contemporary Perceptual artist, Jason Wilson, influenced by his grandmother’s quilts, gives new life to old concepts.
To produce Perceptual Art, the artist must:  conceive; mathematically calculate; plot; draw; and finally paint his design on canvas.  Jason says his designs are about building the painting as much as painting the painting…involving hours of construction.  To this end, Wilson developed his own special acrylic paint formula to hand paint his canvas.  The result is a technically perfect, remarkably flawless finished canvas.
Perceptual Art asks its audience to visually or emotionally interact with the design.  Some Perceptual Art appears to shimmer and shift while other designs may, for example, provide a sense of serenity and grace.  By bringing his designs to life, Jason Wilson hopes to delight and inspire others.

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