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The experience of being present, moment by moment, while being completely engaged, and allowing for something un-thought of to emerge is the magic of the creative process that I am most captivated by. 
I see life as an ever-changing stream which informs the variations in my style and color choices from time to time. I also experiments with most media. 
I am self-taught, and have painted on and off since childhood. Art became an important part of my life since an unexpected cancer diagnosis in 2014. 
Few works are on display here. If you'd like to browse through more, they're here:  /www.instagram.com/jasminebharathan/ 
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Shows and Exhibitions:
June 2018: Chatak 2018 - (Group) - juried show by professional artists - at Nehru Centre, Mumbai
December 2017: Rangrezza - (Group) - at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
September 2017: A Square Story - (Group) - at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
April 2017: Poems on Canvas - (Group) - at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
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