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            Jan Wright is a watercolor artist specializing in southwest landscape. She lives in an earthen roof home in the Four Corners overlooking the Mesa Verde Range near Mancos, Colorado. As Artist in Residence at Mesa Verde National Park in October of 2012, Jan developed a stronger, more sensitive connection to the Ancestral Puebloan people, their dwellings, tools, and artifacts, and her paintings reflect that deeper appreciation.
            Often a spirit being is hidden in the textures, shadows, and reflections of her desert landscapes. "It's like seeing faces or animals in the clouds; they're in the landscapes too!" Jan says.
            Throughout her 46-year watercolor career, Jan has created over 39 one-woman shows, 5 collaborative exhibits with other artists, and numerous group and gallery showings in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. Her paintings can be viewed in many permanent as well as private collections throughout the United States and in Europe, Australia, and Africa.           
            Jan currently exhibits in the art cooperative Artisans of Mancos and in periodic exhibits at Durango Arts Center. For six years she exhibited her watercolors at Mesa Verde National Park's Far View Lodge and continues showing her work in Cortez, Mancos, and Dolores, Colorado.
            Jan's 'Hands of the Ancients' Medicine Cards, Guidance from the Four Corners, available through this website, is its second edition. The popular, earlier card deck 'Hands of the Ancients' ~ A Spirit Quest Journey was created in 1998 and is now out of print. Jan studied with a Hopi trained shaman, an Apache based healing circle, and a Peruvian shaman. Her words expressed in a booklet describing possible meanings for drawing each card come from her shamanic training, her personal experiences, and researched facts from books and the internet. They express her beliefs and her shared healing suggestions.
            Jan's recently [...]

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