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         On exhibit here are the waters and marshes, the beaches, flats and clam beds of Cape Cod, the New Jersey shore and the Maine coastline.  For me, spending time on ocean beaches offers me a place and time for reflection and replenishment.           Also on display are portraits of flowers--a blossom filling the entire canvas, a segment as might be seen by an insect lighting on a petal, a bouquet that someone has lovingly picked, or others blooming freely in the sunlight as did those in my mother's garden as I was growing up.  She loved roses, especially the Peace Rose, and every now and then I find I just have to paint a rose.       More than representations of seascapes or flowers, however, I feel my subject matter is mood translated by light and color.  I welcome you to step into my world and see it through my eyes --- through my spirit.                                                       ~~~Jan.                          

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