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I create paintings of California in oil and pastel and living on the San Francisco peninsula provides me with so many beautiful options to paint. My favorite place to do this is in nature, especially at the Pacific Ocean, where I strive to represent the power and beauty of the ocean in my paintings.  I am a little addicted, frankly, to painting the drama of waves and the healing, cleansing connection that the ocean provides to us. 

I've spent hours at the coast just being quiet, studying wave movement and taking photos which I sometimes need to finish these paintings due to the constant movement of my subject.  My collectors have told me that when they look at my wave paintings they can feel the ocean air and the sound of the waves crashing.  That makes me super pleased.

Experiencing nature personally, whether listening to the breaking waves of the Pacific or enjoying the light playing on the leaves of a California Oak, creates a feeling of connection and contentment. Painting onsite, in the open air, is notoriously challenging...the light changes, the sea moves, the trees sway in the wind.  It is there that I find peace, presence and enjoyment; my goal  is to bring those feelings and lasting memories to others through my paintings. 


Jan Prisco is a pastel and oil painter who focuses on paintings of the San Francisco peninsula to Big Sur.  Most of her paintings are begun plein air.    Her work can be viewed online at www.janprisco.com and www.portolaartgallery.com
In addition to exhibiting her work at Portola Art Gallery in Menlo Park, California, Jan teaches pastel painting, both studio and plein air, on an ongoing basis at Pacific Art League and has taught at University Art Store (UART) in Redwood City, California and for Atherton Arts Foundation. 
She is also is fortunate to have [...]

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