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Artist Statement
My practice defies easy categorization, operating instead within formal and conceptual slippages between abstract modernist, minimalist and representative art.  The consistency across my work is the emotional response I have to function, form and patterns primarily occurring in small, overlooked, and seemingly insignificant components of the natural world.  Trees and forests hold a special interest, with my focus is mostly on the micro level - on bark and wood – and its textures, colours and the life forms that find a home there.
The artistic process starts by close observation.  The work is usually meticulous, closely cropped, inviting viewers to draw near for a closer look and allowing a more intimate portrait to emerge.  Colour, pattern or luminosity are enhanced to let the complexity shine through.  With paintings, I often use acrylic ink applied as a stain on natural, unprimed, low-weave cotton, rather than layering paint on primed canvas, thereby reducing the environmental impact of acrylic or oil .  Drawings are on paper using ink and coloured pencils, while collages are usually constructed with dyed mulberry paper mounted on wood panel. The use of simple, artisanal materials reflects the Arte Provera movement and my work has been inspired particularly by Giuseppe Penone.  Other influences are the minimalist traditions, the German painter Gerhard Richter, and the American artist Helen Frankenthaler. I search for that fluidity of line and sensitivity of colour that describes shapes and forms. Not disguising or hiding the meaning, I celebrate what the eye often overlooks.
Curriculum Vitae
Education - Visual Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC


Fine Arts Techniques Certificate, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC


Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Montreal, Que


Cityscape Art Rental, Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, BC
Outlet Gallery, Port Coquitlam, BC  

Solo Exhibitions
At Eye Level, Hatch Gallery, Vancouver, March 8 - 30th, 2018
Time and Process, Outlet Gallery, Jan 23 [...]

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