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"I love that moment when I finish a piece of work, and those goose bump chills run through me to say it's right;  and when a person passing by, calls someone to tell them about the painting I just finished.   When a painting reaches out and touches you emotionally and another stroke might change your joy, the painting is done.  I've learned that when you feel it's "right" stop painting. Less than perfect usually makes a great  impressionistic painting." --Jan 

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The artist, Janice Kay Moore, was born and grew up in Delano California.  During Jan's school years,  many activities around Delano influenced her natural talents in fine art.  Her parents and grandparents had green thumbs for  growing beautiful, large floral and vegetable gardens.  Her artistic talents excelled from a very early age.  Jan's family greatly inspired her christian faith and artistic observations throughout her life.   She has many memories of her loving-kind-family, gathered around tables of food-- always laughing, singing, playing games and having fun with very little money.  She paints to capture those memories on canvas.In high school, Jan studied all mediums of fine art under an outstanding artist, Claire Hoster.  Ms. Hoster demonstrated and painted beautiful abstract images throughout Jan's four years at Delano High School.  Jan continued her major in Art at Cal State University, Bakersfield, where she worked for 27 years in the Credentials and Graduate Studies Office of the School of Education.  After nearly a lifetime of  living "the great American dream" (including hard work, raising a loving family, and all the typical ups and downs),  Jan and her husband are now retired from CSUB and living in Pismo Beach, California.  Jan is painting again, with much joy! Artist's Statement       "My husband,  two daughters and  four grandchildren will be the focus of my life untill the day I die.   Without changing my focus and by the grace of God, I hope to master the arts in my lifetime.  I hope to capture, on canvas, all the wonderful things in life we have to share.  May these paintings and photographs inspire all ages and cultures of people to focus on their families, their surroundings and their opportunities to experience  "the good life." --Jan
Comments About Art by Jan MooreJan works with all mediums of art.  Her unique style of painting varies between abstract imagery and impressionism.   She paints with colors ranging from soft pastels to deep, vibrant contrasts and tones.   Her paintings are known for their soft, calming compositions, and the reflective lights created by her rhythmic [...]

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