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Tole painting, stained glass and designing fashion accessories.  Over the years, Jan J. Smith filled her life with a variety of creative pursuits.  But none of these pursuits so completely satisfied her need for artistic expression as oil painting.
Today, Jan, an impressionistic realist, thoughtfully explores the challenges of portraying depth and distance on the flat surface of her canvas.  She does this through careful juxtapositions: light tints against dark shades; soft lines against hard edges; and bright, warm colors against cool tones with neutral and complementary hues added for balance.  Jan believes oil painting is the best medium for her because it provides endless possibilities.  
Jan’s favorite subjects include landscapes, still life, florals and occasionally portraits.  Most landscape and still life subjects are carefully planned and finished.  Florals usually come from her gardens and reflect her love of flowers.  Still life elements, which come from her antique collections, are usually set up and painted in a live studio session while landscapes are revisited so reference photographs may be taken.  Often Jan selects a particular landscape after an initial visit which has elicited within her a feeling of serenity or beauty of the moment which she hopes to recapture in her painting.
Jan's credits her instructors and various workshops with opening her eyes to the wonder of color, contrast, shape and texture ~ Judy McCombs, Kelli Folsom, Dennis Parker, Kathy Anderson, Daniel Keys, Gregg Kreutz and Suchitra Bhosie.  She has also been influenced by Richard Schmid, David Leffel and Edgar Payne.
Along with commissions, Jan has shown her work at Oklahoma Artists Invitational, Lankford & Lankford, Salon des Bon Viviants, The Art Auction, La Baguette, The Studio Gallery, The Art Group, Mercy Gala, Integris and various other venues. Her work is currently available in her Oklahoma City art studio and at Our Favorite Place, Eufaula, OK. [...]

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