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ARTIST STATEMENT: “Art is my passion. The thrill of experiencing something beautiful and sharing it with others is magic!  I honor my art by dedicating myself to the highest levels of understanding and achievement.   It is this passion and excellence that I try to convey in every painting.
I believe art elevates the world.   While looking at art, we temporarily move away from our own reality into a larger perspective where we  experience a moment of  peace.
I paint what I love with all my heart.  My hope is that my paintings will ring true and touch the lives of others in a meaningful way. 
Janine Salzman was born and spent her formative years in the exotic Tunis, Tunisia, in North Africa. Inspired as a child by the mingled sights, sounds, and flavors of the French, Arabic and Sephardic cultures of this Mediterranean seaport, she knew at the age of 9 that she wanted to paint the beauty that surrounded her.
Later in Paris where she attended secondary school, she discovered and was captivated by the great French Impressionist masters such as Cezanne, Monet and especially Van Gogh.Finally in Los Angeles years later as a young wife and mother of two daughters she found herself liberated, back in Mediterranean-like sunlight and now exposed to the strong plein air painting tradition of nineteenth and twentieth century California. Now she was determined to follow her dream. She dedicated every moment she could to painting. After fifiteen years of disciplined hard work and over 40 workshops taught by international contemporary masters such as Jove Wang, C. Hartley, J. Mendez, she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a professional artist.Her rich and varied background, her great love of color and her talent are all evident in her impressionistic paintings which are currently featured in the permanent collections of  the Pelican Hill Resort [...]

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