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Hideharu Igaki "...every meeting is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to enjoy good company, beautiful art, and a cup of tea. We never know what might happen tomorrow, or even later today. Stopping whatever it is that's so important...to share conversation and a cup of tea with someone you love...is an easy opportunity to promote peace."  ~Robyn Griggs Lawrence Hideharu grew up surrounded by the pottery traditions of Japan, but didn't discover his passion for working with clay until he joined Jan in a pottery class. A karate instructor and Head Coach of the USA National Karate Team, he realized throwing on the potter's wheel requires the same discipline & technique as karate. Jan Igaki "If you're using something plastic, or a mug advertising an excavation company, stop. Replace it with pottery that feels solid and heavy in your hand....Spend five minutes each morning admiring its shape, its texture, its colors. Try to find something new in [it]...everyday....This will open your sensitivity to everything around you: the seasons, the effects of light, the expression on the faces of those you come in contact with." ~Robyn Griggs Lawrence Jan has been in love with art all of her life, experimenting with several different artistic media over the years. She discovered her passion in clay in 1996. She left her profession in science in 2005 to pursue life's adventures and a new career as a full-time clay artist. Together Jan and Hideharu collaborate on nearly every piece. Hideharu specializes in throwing, and Jan in sculpting and hand building. They moved from Colorado to the beautiful Northwest in 2012, and now live in Gaston, Oregon.

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