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Janie was raised in the Midwest, attended nursing school in St. Louis, MO and later moved to the Northwest. She lived and worked in Portland, OR for many years. Her work also took her to the Middle East and eventually to New Mexico. Painting has always been an avocation, but became a passion after she retired.

While in New Mexico, Hutchinson and another artist, Maggie Price, founded and published a magazine for pastel artists. The Pastel Journal was launched in March of 1999. An instant success, the publication is still going strong after being sold to F&W Publications in 2003.

One of the benefits of publishing and managing an artistís magazine is the opportunity to meet and work with many well-known artists. Janie feels fortunate to have taken painting workshops with Richard McKinley, Albert Handell, Bob Rohm. Gil Dellinger, Bill Hosner, Frank Federico, Glenna Hartmann, Eric Michaels, Sheri Ramsey, Sally Strand, Terry Ludwig and others.

Now living in Jacksonville, Oregon, Hutchinson enjoys the freedom to paint whenever she wants either in her studio or outdoors. She continues to study painting with Richard McKinley on a weekly basis.  She travels extensively throughout the US and Europe for painting excursions.

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