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I'm a NYC kid.  The art museums, Lincoln Center, skyscrapers - incredible!  And even though I always loved art and occasionally dabbled, I seemed to always find myself on the left brained logical side of life.  Before retirement, I worked in telecommunications technology managing multi-million dollar projects.  Not much art in that line of work.  Who knew I would end up on the other side of the country - a pastel artist!  In spite of ourselves, I think that we do end up where we belong.
In 2000, I moved to Thousand Oaks, CA.  Two years later, I bought Icelandic horses and moved to the Bridle Path in Simi Valley, CA. I June 2017 I moved to Prescott AZ. Every day I look out my windows and see my beautiful horses posing for their portraits.  The Southwest culture, architecture, colors, and of course the weather are amazing.  Perfect place for an artist or someone who would become one!
In April 2012, some friends invited me to their painting class at the Simi Valley Adult Education.  I was living alone and must confess that I really went to check out the men.  I stayed for the painting!  I picked up my very first paint brush and began an amazing relationship.  Like many new artists I started with oils, but then I saw a pastel demo.  It was love at first sight!  I find pastels very tactile and I love the intimacy and closeness I have with my paintings.  And my pastels forgive me.  All those colors spread out on my pallet are always breath-taking.
I believe that art is all around me.  I can see, touch, feel, taste and smell it.  Art reflects both beauty and ugliness.  Art captures life stopped for that single moment in time.  For me, art is skyscrapers and adobe, crowds [...]

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