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Since about the age of five, I've identified myself as an artist. During the time I was supposed to be learning how to read, I was coloring. While I was supposed to be finding the area of a trapezoid, I was sketching in the corners of my notebook. My Dad really wanted me to be an engineer. Um, sorry Dad, artist. So with the knowledge that I was meant for making visuals and not bridges (and really humanity is all the better for it) I spent four years of my life studying art (specifically advertising design) at Utah State University. After graduating, I continued my studies at der Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin, Germany on a Carl Duisberg scholarship and then landed in Seattle with the migration of every other 20 year old in the country during the year of '92.  A marriage and a mortgage followed soon after, but in 1996 I picked up my brushes again and was studying with my greatest artistic influence, Henry Stinson. Studying with Henry, I learned about the nuances of color, gained my love of painting outside, and flourished under a compassionate teacher. I have since studied with Jeffery Watts, Zhaoming Wu, Ned Mueller, Diane McClary and Lois MacFArland. Since that time, I've juggled being an artist with being a mother and am slowly reclaiming my art. I have won several plein-air awards in the last couple of years. I teach painting with my dear friend Pat Clayton. I am a past President of Plein Air Washington and create many of my paintings during plein air excursions. I am truly grateful to all my friends and family that support me on my life's journey.

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