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Janice Druian, award winning, Central Oregon oil painter is best known for her landscapes that capture the beauty of the isolated parts of Oregon, Arizona,  Idaho, Wyoming, California and other western locations. 
“Ars  est longa;vita brevis”  “…Art is long; live is brief”
With this famous Latin phrase in mind, my goal is to spend as much time painting as possible.
I have the privilege of living in the High Desert of Central Oregon.  From my windows I look down upon the wild and scenic Deschutes River.  Our panoramic view includes the Cascade mountains to the west, and the Ochoco mountains to the east. 
 I have been influenced by many contemporary artists, but perhaps my biggest influences were the artists of the early 20th Century.  They captured the beauty of the West as a fast open space with limitless potential.  I still seek those open spaces though they are not as plentiful. The solitude of the west...vast open skies, the stillness, an opportunity to be at peace with one's soul...this is my inspiration.
I have studied with some of the best contemporary plein air and  landscape artists: John Poon, Richard McKinley, Ken Auster, Morgan Samuel Price, Bob Rohm,  and my mentor and personal friend, Jean LeGassick.
I know I have a privileged  life---wonderful friends and family, living in a beautiful part of the world...so my art is a display of gratitude.

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