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Janice Bartké Thompson is a multi-disciplined Artist working  as an avocation and professional  for many decades.  She is also an educator, working with students to develop their artistic expression.  Janice's works include traditional representational paintings, sculptural creations and  esoteric representations as she endeavors to cultivate a new focus in her works. Janice’s most recent studio works explore the disparate but inter-related disciplines of the scientific, spiritual, psychological and philosophical realms of human understanding, leading her to conceptualize and illustrate an original,  awareness-provoking visuals to the viewer. Janice shares her understandings via workshops, lectures and exhibition and has been awarded and recognized by collectors, students and colleagues. She is a member of the Artist of Texas and Oil Painters of America. She is a participating member of the Rockport Center of the Arts, Rockport, Texas.
In addition to Janice’s artistic achievements, Janice has multiple industry certifications and acknowledgements in the field of information and networking technologies.

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