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I am, at heart, a landscape painter. I've found solace in and felt reverence for the land my entire life. I've been moved by the beauty I see around me, whether it's in the desert Southwest, European villages, or my own Green Mountains of Vermont. Painting the outdoors, truly observing the land, is a way to experience the intimate bond I have with the earth. I paint what I love - working farmland and barns, animals, the forests and water of Vermont and beyond. I'm fascinated by the patterns formed on the land by farming, by geological forces, by weather and water. The juxtaposition of mown fields and woodlands, patterns of tree-cast shade and light in a woods, alternating strips of corn and hay fields, the shadows of clouds on hillsides - all these and much more never cease to draw my attention. While my painting style is fairly representational, I often take a 'painterly' approach to my work, allowing the brushwork to show my excitement as I paint. My style continues to evolve as I explore the painted surface and experiment with new ways to visually express my feelings about whatever subject I happen to be painting.
Art has been woven throughout my life. As a child growing up in Indianapolis, I took lessons in oil painting and continued with a focus on art throughout high school and college studies. Later, when my husband and I settled in Vermont and started a family, I transferred my love of painting to 'painting' in my gardens, designing and planting lush mixed perennial borders and eventually developing a landscape design business. We've lived in the same 1850's farmhouse in Randolph, Vermont, since 1977. It overlooks a working farm where I've watched the ever-changing light and seasons and the cycles of activity on [...]

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