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I’ve been an artist all my life. When I wasn’t creating paintings, I taught my students using as much creativity as possible. I never wanted to do the same activity in the same way and, so, would look for another way to present the material. 
Ive waited all my life to be able to do art - many kinds of art. When I retired from teaching, my time had come. Each day is filled with art and it fills me with both joy and contentment. My husband died and my two children have their own lives. My paintings are my new children. I love each one for what it is and it’s place in my life.  Some were experiments - some successful some not so much but I learn from my mistakes. My art - or the making of it- makes each day something to look forward to. 
I used to have ave trouble sleeping and would get up in the middle of the night and paint. This made the next day not so good. I wasn’t alert. Now, I resist painting in the middle of the night. I’m more productive this way. 

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