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Janet Shearer has found joy in painting and drawing since she was a child. She began her art training during her teen years in Laurel, Mississippi with artist Frankie Buckley.
During her college years and as a young professional, Shearer painted for family members and friends. Then, having an infant and a toddler at home limited Shearer's energy for art. After the death of her mother in 2004, Shearer's passion for oil painting was reignited.
In 2005, Shearer began study with artist Julie McCartney of Jackson, Mississippi, who introduced her to the colorist tradition of Henry Hensche and Charles Hawthorne. Shearer has since studied with colorists Sammy Britt, Camille Przewodek and John Ebersberger. In recent years, she has studied figure drawing and painting with Jerrod Partridge.
Colorists communicate light, atmosphere and form through color relationships. "Studying the light and color in God's creation and translating that to the canvas has helped restore my joy," says Shearer. "God's majesty and glory are evident in our surroundings. When I try to capture the color of a flower, the sunlight reflected on a surface or the movement of a young ballerina, I am reminded of God's love for us and of the perfect plan he has for each life."
Shearer enjoys plein air and studio painting. Ballerinas, simple still life with flowers and rural landscapes are among her favorite subjects.
In 2011, Shearer was invited to join the Mississippi Oil Painters Association. Her work has been accepted to the Cedars Juried Art Exhibition and other statewide shows.
Shearer lives in Ridgeland, Mississippi with husband Dale, daughter Mary Kate and son Samuel. Her other creative pursuits include fashioning tiaras and headpieces for Mississippi Metropolitan Ballet, painting sets for Mississippi Metropolitan Ballet, singing in the Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church sanctuary choir and cooking for her family and friends.
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