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Thank you for visiting my web site.  Animals are my passion and have been all my life.  Raised with horses, cats, and dogs, I've loved them all--my early passion was cats, particularly calico cats.  Calicoes have something unique and "quirky" about them, (I've named it the calico gene, giving them that special independent and slightly wild, ornery attitude); I've always loved the bright orange, white and black of their coats.  Rescuing the homeless has also been a passion throughout my life, many homeless, injured, or sick cats received care over the years; later that same passion led to many rescued dogs and even a horse as they became a part of my heart and home.  So many have been rescued, I wondered if there was a network of animal communication leading those who needed help or food to my place.  My focus became directed to one particular breed of dog however in the 1990's when I rescued two special  Australian cattle dogs and, in 2007 along with six friends, I became a founding member of an Australian Cattle Dog rescue group based in the Carolinas.  Off and on over the years, I'd had a dream to capture cat eyes and faces in paint.  However, working high pressure jobs in the corporate world left little time to "experiment" with my dream.  Finally in the midst of job change, I decided it was now or never to see if I could paint the faces I'd thought of so many times.  At the time I had no interest in working on canvas; I wanted a different "canvas".  When I saw a pottery piece at a craft show painted with impressionistic images of cats, that seemed the perfect background for my faces; it seemed just unusual enough for my attempts to capture those illusive faces that filled [...]

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