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  • Price Range: $190.00 - $2,600.00
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I take my inspiration from color, light, movement and the abstract within shapes. I will never tire of the amazing beauty around here. My husband and I take what we call meanders, poking down a road, going over another hill and waiting a few more moments for the change in light. The rewards are the works I paint, works that interpret the beauty of color, light and place. I was born and raised in central New England, where the mountains and rocks form the landscape. Discouraged from becoming an artist, I eventually got closer by working as a graphic designer for local newspapers. I worked professionally for over 30 years in graphic design and as an art director in the building material, furniture and financial industries. But a painterly voice kept calling. I started out at the Worcester Art Museum school in my early 20’s before graphic design became my career. I then returned to the Worcester Art Museum many years later to take up painting. I became a Corporator at the Museum and was able to give back some of what was given to me. The classes and workshops created a foundation I’m still adding onto. With my husband’s relocation for work, I am pursuing my art in North Carolina, quite a way from New England. Many of my paintings are from photos he has taken as we meander in this stunningly beautiful region. I have been challenging myself to paint and paint. The results are canvases that have gotten bigger, smaller, looser and more colorful. I am grateful for all my teachers, especially Kat O’Connor, whom I studied with in New England, Trisha Adams, who has really opened up oil painting for me, including workshop a with her in Italy, and my good friend Heather Sink at Cravin’ [...]

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