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I am inspired by the beauties and wonders around me. My impressions, feelings, and experiences translate nature's glorious details into paintings. My happy place is outside in nature.

I dedicate my life and work to God. He's with me always, inspiring and encouraging me to use my God-given gifts. He's the original creator of all this beauty on land, sea and sky, with flora and fauna uniquely adapted to their environments.

I am grateful to Shirley Bunton who taught Japanese Brush Painting and mentored my heart, mind and brushstrokes into simple, fluid ink compositions. Trees, flowers, animals and landscapes took form and came to life with spontaneous brushstrokes. For over 15 years I continued Japanese Brush Painting (Sumi-e), while working as an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator.

Since 2006, I have experimented with oil and acrylic paints creating colorful and spontaneous landscapes and seascapes. I am always surprised and amazed how music, sounds of nature and the beauties around me influence my style, color choices and compositions.

So, come along on an adventure with me into these colorful places. Experience the beauty and allow yourself to be there too. Relax. Refresh. Renew. Receive. Recreate. Reflect.

For the last two years, I have painted on stage during live concerts and at other musical venues. Some call this performance-painting. For me, it's allowing the music to express my thoughts and feelings with paint. Music reaches deep inside my heart and moves me. My hands are extensions of my heart and create free-flowing art, some loosely representational, some abstract.

P.S. College-educated, 2 years of post-grad studies in art and science, art classes/workshops galore. (However being in nature, observing and experimenting with paint on canvas is where my most valuable lessons are learned.) Juried plein-air events, gallery shows and museum exhibits too. Done it all. Excited for what’s next! [...]

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