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Jane D. Steelman worked toward a degree in art at Appalachian State University. From that time she has worked in pottery, drawing, painting, stained glass and jewelry making. She is certified as an art teacher (K-12, highly qualified) by NC Department of Public Instruction. She also holds degrees in education, administration & supervision and instructional technology from ASU, UNC-CH and NCSU.  She has worked in the field of education for over 35 years and is the owner/artist for Steelman Studios. 
Steelman Studios provides art in various media. Stained glass panels and windows can be created for new and existing homes. Oil and acrylic original paintings are available as well as signed limited edition prints.  The artist offers individual art lessons in acrylics, oils, charcoal and alcohol inks.
Oil, charcoal powder or pastel painting commissions are available for pet or people portraits. See Commissions.

Artist Statement

Yes, Art is magic. Some might tell that it isn’t. That it is a skill, mundane or common. But it is magic.
It is the magic of bringing a place, a person or an animal to life that will last forever.
It is to live and breathe. It is sustenance for my soul. It is my life. It is magic.
The subjects I paint become my world that I share with others. To paint portraits of loved ones brings joy to them and thus brings joy to me. The experience of that first moment when someone sees the portrait I have created for them is priceless. It is magic.
I use various media to express the best of whatever subject I choose. The media and subject are intertwined in a dance that brings them both to life.
Every place and every person and every animal has a story and I am lucky enough to be able to tell that story in paintings.


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