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The signs of an artist in the making were there from an early age, but not recognised as such.  As a child I often had a pencil in hand and observed the world around me with the sort of intense attention that probably bordered unusual. I loved school assignments, more for their presentation, which often influenced the content impetuously.  At the customary age to be buying clothes, pizzas and going to the movies I was budgeting more for art and photographic supplies.  Even at this point I didn’t realize the artistic journey I was walking.  It was so natural to me, and deceptively mingled with other interests.
Much like what a bass line does for a melody, the seasons of my life, and their experiences have helped make the art, and the artist I am.  The diverse experiences in my life have become sections of the same river driven by an undercurrent of passion for all things beautiful.  Love for my children, husband, friends and family, are wrapped in my faith and love for my God, Creator and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Self-taught, I love rendering images realistically with soft pastel, graphite, oil and acrylic paint. The expression of these mediums has a clarity and honesty I cannot ignore.  Hans Heysen, Susannah Blaxill, Maxine Thompson, Terry Isaac, David Kassan and Carla Grace are among the artists who inspire me.  Moments I don't want to forget endlessly forge their way in my mind to first catch, then deeply arrest me.  I observe, appreciate, and am activated.  I understand the effort it takes for a flower to bloom, am in awe of the vastness of a star studded sky and astonished by the design of a bubble.  Raw Sienna is my favourite colour and backlighting impresses me.  I love hearing my children laugh and walking barefoot [...]

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