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I grew up in England and moved to Wales where I studied then lived for 22 years. In 2006 I moved with my husband and two sons to Stillwater, Minnesota. 

  I believe artistic vision can draw inspiration from anywhere: far from where one lives or just a few feet away. I am on constant watch for inspiration in everyday life, striving to always look at the commonplace with new and appreciative eyes, and then painting those familiar scenes in a fresh way. My paintings record the reactions of my personality to the world around me, yet I aim to communicate in a way that is relatable and tells a tale common to all. 
  Using predominantly oil paint, brushes and palette knife my paintings are representational in that the subject matter is apparent, and impressionistic in that I aim to capture the feeling or mood of a moment. I paint with a sense of drama and directness, both in the moment captured and the way I apply paint to the surface of the canvas. If movement is happening, I want movement to be felt by the viewer. Shape, texture, color and composition are at the forefront of my mind and explorations.
  My personal fascination is the theme of childhood and the common memories it evokes. We have all been children and often forget the ‘in-the-moment’ freedom a child has, and it does us good to get lost in a painting that takes us back to such a time. The unique shapes of each child’s body, particularly visible when playing on a beach, is beautiful and requires the practice of good draftsmanship to capture it well. 
  When a finished painting hangs on someone’s wall, I want it to not just be pleasing to the eye, but refreshing to the heart. I [...]

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