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A lifelong artist, Jane Basile has experimented with many media, and those that have emerged as her favorites are oil, pastel, charcoal, and acrylic. 
Not entirely easy to classify, Jane describes her work as straddling a fence somewhere between abstraction and realism. The use of color to illustrate the vibrancy of a subject is her primary intent, which is combined with a somewhat primitive style. The inherent temporary nature of much of what surrounds us, both man-made and natural, is an underlying theme that she has begun to address in some of her pieces.
Jane excels in creating key and commanding commissioned pieces for the home, using color to connect separate but visually contiguous spaces. These works are typically quite large and may either compliment and tie in existing decor, or provide a fresh start and inspiration for a new color scheme. Jane enjoys applying her talents in the decision-making process of color selection for a space. Most importantly, she spends a considerable amount of time brainstorming subject matter to collaboratively create pieces that are meaningful and unique to the future owner. This results in works of art that can be enjoyed on many different levels for years to come. 
Jane is also owner and co-founder of Voila Fine Art Rental in Fort Collins. Visit voilafineartrental.com for more information.

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