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The Artist Says:

I've always been amazed and fascinated at the behavior of birds when they encounter objects people use. It seems that no sooner does a person walk away after touching something that there's a bird sitting right where they touched. So I paint what that might look like.

Collectors Say:

"I saw that little chickadee and it made me want to cry. I  had to have it."  Beth Brown

Other Artists Say:

"I can't wait to see your next bird painting." Sheila B.


Jan Dale; Birds In People Spaces
Jan Dale's bird paintings are an unusual blend of nature and stillife. A storyteller at heart, she developed her style on the premise that birds are as curious about humans as we are about them, often availing themselves of objects that humans leave behind. Her fascination with birds and her love of antiques combine to tell stories of the people and creatures she loves.
Early Years
Jan’s love of creating first emerged when she penciled a dramatic scene involving one of her kindergarten classmates on the slant ceiling of the attic bedroom she shared with two of her ten siblings in rural Michigan. She often would climb out the attic window onto the roof to listen, watch, and sketch birds. Jan’s parents modeled the idea that books could teach a person anything they wanted to learn.  So on regular trips to the local library, Jan brought sacks full of art instruction books home. What followed was a long string of experimentation with any medium her chore money would pay for. In Jan's sophomore year of high school, her art teacher selected her along with five other highly motivated students to work on independent study. She was able to explore several media through books that her teacher  brought in to feed the active minds of his students. It was then that she discovered the luxurious buttery feel and luminous properties of oils. Jan bought her first oil color set with babysitting money and sold her first painting shortly afterward.
 Art Education
 Jan is largely self-taught. While her parents encouraged her creativity, they did not see painting as a reliable career choice. This view was reinforced by her high school guidance counselor. So upon graduation, instead of going to the school that her art teacher recommended, she began pursuing a degree in elementary education.
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