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     From earliest childhood my happiest moments have revolved around the making of art. Even as a kindergartener, I took my coloring seriously, teaching my little classmates the finer points of producing a smooth and even bunny, and gluing the cotton tail on just so. Throughout my schooling I doodled and drew, until my teachers had to reprimand me for all the little decorations on my schoolwork. I learned to love the human face and figure most of all, and spent many idle hours drawing them.
     Formal art education was not available to me, so teaching myself instead, I experimented with various mediums throughout the years, leaning mostly toward a realistic, gentle approach to  colors and subject matter. Almost always I choose to feature a living being, human or four-legged, in my work, and tender images of children are clearly a favorite.
     I do feel that being artistic is a gift, and I am thankful every day that it has been my lot. Besides the joy, peace, and contentment creating art brings to me, I feel enormous pleasure in sharing with others the gifts of my hands and heart, and seeing their happiness, sometimes their tears, when receiving what I have made for them. I believe this is the artist's reward, and I never weary of it.
     I still use various mediums, depending on what it is I am painting. Oil, acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor--I love them all. Never bored, I am evolving, ever learning. My hope is that I may be able to create art until I am too frail to hold a pen or brush, and that I leave behind, scattered everywhere, pieces of my heart that many will treasure.

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