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     While I drew and painted horses for awhile when I was young, it was in college that I took art classes and found that I did well in them and that I enjoyed  art, painting in particular.  What I ended up studying in college, however, and going into afterwards, was interior space planning and design.
     I spent 19 years in that field, in Michigan, where I grew up.  Eleven of those years were with my own consulting design firm, designing for businesses and institutions.
     In the middle of my design career, however, when I saw some painting supplies in an art and office supply store one day, I thought to myself "Someday, I'm going to paint again."
     It was after 19 years in the design field that I left it and followed my spiritual path, which took me on a journey to quite a variety of places and jobs, and which eventually brought me back to painting.
     In 1998 I started painting, part-time, doing about half a dozen paintings every year until 2006 at which time, I moved from Iowa to Pagosa Spings, CO and started painting full-time.
     One of the things that I find humorous is that when I thought about painting, I always thought that I'd do realistic landscapes or figures. I never even considered doing abstract painting and didn't think I liked it.  
     I first started painting abstractly when I played with using up the paint that was left-over on my palette after working on a realistic painting.  I just dabbled the paint on some watercolor paper, feeling into what I felt like doing with it and playing with it.  Since I had so much fun doing that, for awhile I did both realistic and abstract painting.  After awhile, however, I realized that doing realistic painting felt like 'work' to me, and I found I was 'pushing' myself to do it.  [...]

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