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Janalee Welch
Belfast, Maine
I am a retired teacher now living in Belfast, Maine. Since retirement I have been able to fulfill a life-long dream to create art. My work has been in a number of juried shows and I have won several awards. My work is represented by 2 local galleries.
I have painted with soft pastels on sanded paper more than 25 years. I love pastels for the many ways they can be used and all the different effects that can be produced using them. I get excited as I scumble, blend, or crosshatch one vibrant color over another. I love producing beautiful grays by physical or visual blending; I thrill at the various textures achieved with the different hardness of my pastels. My goal is for the viewer to see in my work the beauty of pastels as a painting medium as well as the beauty of the natural environment which is my subject matter.
Sadly, I can no longer use pastels. For health reasons I have given them up but have many works for sale.
Today I am working abstractly in acrylic on wood panels. 
I am inspired by the beauty of nature. I like the geometry, symmetry, pattern, balance, and details that make a flower a work of art, each bird unique, and the trees sculptural. Using simplicity as an understatement, I incorporate these into my work. I love the autumn palette, the fresh greens of spring, and the striking contrast of strong light and dark shadow.
 I also enjoy other art forms and media including surface design, gelatin printing, and handcrafting books, boxes, and assemblages using antique shop finds.  I make journals from my own decorated papers  (printed, etched, marbled, etc.) as well as ephemera and found printed material. Please take a look! 

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