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  • Price Range: $400.00 - $32,600.00
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“YOU PAINT WHO YOU ARE.” These words were said to me in 2001 by the woman I first met walking in Malibu,  My Boys And Me On Westward Beach.  I didn’t want to hear them. My paintings are at times bold, the colors vibrant and wildly optimistic, and they bring joy. Yet some of those close to me might call my palette “embarrassingly flamboyant.” Nottheo would call them such. And flamboyance, according to Nottheo, needs to be disguised and hidden from view. It is not remotely acceptable. The woman in Malibu wouldn’t hear of it.
I am a scientist first, then a healer and a teacher – all by choice. And yes, I am an artist too, but not because I chose to become one. I didn’t. I’m an artist because it was meant to be.  And I am very grateful for this, whatever the Source. Perhaps I was an artist before. I don’t know. There is much I know, but even more I do not know.
For example, I do not know how the painting ONCE UPON A TIME came to be. Or how I was able to finish it without proper use of my right arm. Why it felt incomplete until I had an urge to suddenly scribble the words in the background among the flowers – integrity, honesty, truth, kindness, love, caring, integrity. I just did it, and then it felt right. No one ever seems to notice those words. Perhaps that’s the point the Source was trying to make. Most just see the superficial beauty of the flowers, and then they move along. I also didn’t know how that painting would figure in the death of my beloved black lab, Sim, nor could I appreciate right away the irony of that in his story given the hidden [...]

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