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I am drawn to eye contact in relation to human emotion, and the methods of manipulating the eye to move around a space. Subject matter has often included a single subject, often distorted and stylized, heavily inspired by my caricature career. Human interaction, I find, is a very intimate and personal experience. It is an often difficult and nerve-wracking thing to face, especially for someone who is shy. On canvas, however, this experience can be controlled. Through my career in live caricature drawing, I was forced to face people and observe them closely. I had to choose features that represented their persona, their aura, and their emotion.
I find the same methods useful today in my personal work. Using oil paints and canvas, I am able to capture a specific emotion, most often based off my subjects and the photos I take of them. I use stylization by distorting the face and hands, creating ears too large, colors too saturated and from multiple light sources, hands bent and out of place, often using multiple reference images to piece together a dialogue. Whether the mood is somber or humorous, always present in my paintings is eye contact. I intend on having my paintings observe the world just as they are observed. My practices are a culmination of my shy demeanor and my personal way of expressing emotion to the world outside my head. It is my method of communication and observation.

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