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El Lema de BobTexas Heritage:  the soul, land, culture and people of TexasOne of Texas' best artists:  James R. Butler understands and expresses the soul of Texas like no other contemporary artist.  In fact, James Butler is one of the best and most unique artists in the USA.  Raised on a ranch in south Texas, loves the land, the very fabric of Texas nature: the land, its wild life and flora, its history and its people.  He illuminates the soul of Texas from within- the sensitive, inner soul of the rough and tumble landscape and its people, especially cowboy and ranch life.  Butler's art seems to have a light that shines from within his work, bringing out the most subtle blends and contrasting colours which bring forth the inner meaning and depth of being Texas and Texan.  The horses, cattle and wild life and flora are captured with the true sense of their nature and their place in the ecological landscape which is Texas.  Even the inner soul of an old windmill or the ever ubiquitous prickly pear cacti shine through the paint.  Not one thing in Butler's paintings is irrelevant or lost.  Each object in his works, even if it seems to be only contextualized as background, makes its presence obvious, grasping the viewer's attentions and reverence, expressing and contributing to the meaning and inner sense of the entire piece.  What a great artist, like Caravaggio, expressed through chiarooscuro, Butler reveals with a unique and original grasp of neutrals.  His work is a symphonic expression of Texas painted on canvas, colours interplaying in wonderful counter-point like a polyphonic orchestral piece, always surprising, transfixing and amazing with new revelations.  Butler's works are as much a journey into the inner reality of Texas and its spirit, a startling spiritual encounter where the [...]

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