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James R.Spurlock has painted and sculpted his way to a very fulfilling niche for himself in the art world. Today he is a teacher as well as an artist who passes on his experience in art  to many seminar and private students across the country. As a bronze sculptor, he has not limited himself to just life sized memorial busts but continues to sculpt bronzes that portray what life means to him and the clients that he 'speaks' for. Such is an artist's passion.  Color, value, drawing and edges,..."art is just a series of adjustments...and Life is Art."  James is mostly a self taught artist but one of the people he gives credit to for most of "the good stuff" he knows about his art is the consummate master artist of Carthage, Missouri, Bob Tommey.  What a mentor this man and artist has been to many of  "the big guys" in art today.  He started about half of all the good art shows, art organizations and an art institute or two. He is one of the very best painters there is!  Thank you, Bob Tommey, from all the artists you have helped down through the tough years to this very day!

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