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James is a “painter of place” –  an impressionist oil painter, both studio and plein air.  He says, “I paint because I like discovering a scene’s unique beauty and then capturing my feelings about it in paint.   As I discover each aspect of beauty I record it with a brushstroke, just like a musical note, only I do it with a color note of paint.  My variegated brushwork and the textural way I apply the paint helps communicate the beauty that I see in the subject.”  
Part of what makes his paintings "impressionistic" is the edited mosaic of brushstrokes rather than a photographic rendering of every detail of the scene.  These brushstroke impressions also involve the viewer...since the detail is not included, the viewer’s own eyes, emotions, and memories complete the painting.
James chose to study art in the old master-apprentice method.  He selected other artists whose work he admired and went to study with them.  In 1998, James became a professional oil painter.
James and his wife Sue Symons live in Charlottesville, VA.  Contact:  James S. Moore 360-320-2027;  [email protected]  www.jamesmoorefineart.com.

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