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     James Coulter was trained as a “Fine Artist”. The creative process for him is not based on anything commercial. He allows his intuition to be his guide to what he paints.
     He started life with some natural talent that his grandmother noticed when she had one of his very early childhood works framed to hang on her wall. James grew up in a small rural community raised by hard working farmers.
     Formal art education didn’t start for James until he started college in 1975. The only classes available to him in high school were commercial art, which he dropped out of early. In college he was lucky enough to be instructed by a Old Masters Instuctor from Europe who made him do nothing but study the fundamentals of art and draw every day for over two and a half years before he could start painting. His painting beginnings were boiling his own gesso with rabbit skin glue and lead white, using powdered pigment with egg oil emulsions, and glazing techniques.
     Color opened  a new and wonderful world for James. He did very large paintings for awhile, throwing and brushing on oil paint from quart cans. After earning his BFA in Painting from Arizona State University, James continued his studies with Master artists at the nationally famous Scottsdale Art School; James has now been teaching there for over 8 years. He also traveled to workshops around the country until he finally started learning the discipline that comes only from working directly from "Nature" and the joy felt by being outdoors.
     The love for the outdoors originated from a boyhood of camping, fishing, and hunting and it was that love that moved him toward “Plein Air” Landscape Painting. This soon led to his outdoor painting material business www.artboxandpanel.com . He couldn't find what he thought he needed so he made it himself. He invented the "Coulter Plein Air System" [...]

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