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  • Year Born: 1950

  • Price Range: $240.00 - $13,000.00
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My childhood playground was the studio of two very accomplished artists, Hank & Clara Ford. Consequently I have always been surrounded by art. At an early age I developed a strong sense of design, color and composition from my mother and the more academic studies of anatomy and proportion from my father. My first hands-on exposure to the medium of clay was in a ceramics class I took in elementary school. Through the processes of pushing clay I gained a better understanding of form and dimension, uncovering a natural aptitude. Over the years I have taken classes in figure drawing and sculpture at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and Western Illinois University. Subsequently I have refined my skills through continued participation in local figure drawing groups. All of my work has its nascent beginnings in the pages of some book I have been reading, if not a specific person then a composite of many characters to give the sculpture an overall theme of the period Iíve been reading. Once I have determined the subject matter then each sculpture matures through a process that combines the love I have for the figure, pose and ethnic diversity. My objective is to give each new piece an overall feeling of tranquility and introspection, with just a touch of tension. While I love seeing the composition of each piece come to life my real passion is capturing the quintessential look of a people. I suppose it is for this reason that my main focal point has been Native American in nature. I have always felt drawn to their culture and the beauty of the people. That having been said I do not restrict myself to Native American subjects alone. As I mentioned earlier, reading is where it [...]

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