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James Armentor owner of Armentor Art is a life long artist exploring the visual realm of this reality.  
Process of painting on sheetmetal: 
Most of my painted work was created on a sheetmetal panel made of aluminum.  First the powder coated substrate is prepared by sanding the surface down with wet sand paper.  This is done to flatten the surface and give the substate some tooth for the top coat to grab on to.  After a through cleaning the piece is taken to a paint booth inside my studio.
Next to my work bench in my studio I have a small paint mixing area.  The base coat (in this case HOK Orion Silver) is mixed in exact proportions with reducer.  A reducer is selected depending on the temperature in the spray booth.  I used a medium temperature reducer in this case. 
I use a dehumidifier in the paint booth that is not vented to the outside.  This warms up the paint booth considerably and drives out the moisture in the air.  I live in Houston Texas and its very swampy, humidity and auto paint are not friendly.  Driving the moisture out of the air and the added heat help the paint to adhere to the substrate saving material and yielding a better finish. 
Then the a base coat is applied with an automotive spray gun called a LVLP (low volume low pressure) this type of spray gun keeps overspray down and puts a maximum amount of material on the substrate.  The paint that is applied is so thin it is dry almost as soon as it hits the surface.  
Once there is enough paint to achieve "hiding" meaning the substrate, black in this case, can not be seen the art work can be applied.  
I place the piece on a easel I built from pipe nipples [...]

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