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Every painting is a portrait of life through an artist’s expression of what they see.


Every painting is a portrait of life through an artist’s expression of what they see. I will never forget when ‘the world of art opened up’, re-ignited me and I fell in love with Soft Pastels. I had attended a 2-day workshop ‘Portraiture in soft pastels’ in July 2011. For me, the immediacy and tactility of Soft Pastels/Charcoal initiates spontaneity, further extending my creativity in all aspects of art and most media. In portraiture, I love to capture the essence of the sitter, through the windows to their soul whilst exploring broader subject inspires me to experiment, further developing my style and producing mixed media pieces of art. “A wonderful face" has been chosen for the portrait. Contrasting tones create a very dramatic effect. The application of pastel is very competent and the composition has a very striking visual appeal. (Judges comment) I am often asked “what inspires me”? As I venture into my studio, a feeling of being immersed in an enchanted zone energizes my soul as my fingers dance across the canvas. The subject matter, the media used, influence my styles, from Realism to Spontaneous, Impressionistic through to Abstract. As a young art student I demonstrated talent, but life took me on another career path. Fabric became my creative outlet and I feel this kept the creative connection. Other than attending occasional short workshops, I am mainly self-taught, with no formal training. I have been working towards becoming a full-time artist since 2013. My aim is to create inspirational works of art that you can connect with, to see and feel ‘a moment in time’, captured in a frame. Art that impassions you and you’re proud to own.

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