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Plein air paintings is one of the most frustrating of artistic endeavors. Trudging off into the hills looking for a place to paint is exhilerating. Finding a perfect spot, setting up, painting for several uninterrupted (hopefully) hours and producing a painting can be an unbelievable high. The painting doesn't even have to be good! Each of these excursions is an invaluable learning experience. Sure, I take photos along the way for use later in studio paintings BUT those small paintings produced en plein air are the ones of which I'm most proud. After all, I've had to hike in lugging an 18 lb. backpack with all my supplies, endured the heat and/or cold, fought off annoying bugs, been polite (usually) to passersby, set up all my paraphenalia and stood for hours working in the sun. It's an accomplshment just to survive the day. ABOUT PASTELS Soft pastels are the purest and simplest form of artist color. They consist of pure pigment and just enough binder to enable them to be molded into sticks. Pastels are considered paintings since color is applied in masses rather than in lines that form the basis of drawings. Soft pastels are regarded as the most permanent medium. If they are properly framed, pastels can last indefinitely.
Gallery Affiliations:
Forrest & Ocean Gallery, 480 Ocean Avenue, Laguna Beach, Ca.
Malibu Gallery, 22625 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, Ca.

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