Artist Jacquelyn Bischak

An example of fine art by Jacquelyn Bischak

Photo of Jacquelyn Bischak

The Artist Says:

"I have always enjoyed figurative drawing, painting the figure has been an amazing journey ... a whole new experience.  I will continue to focus on figurative painting; working to improve my technique so that I speak clearly, and simply capture moments of beauty, thought, and unity.  I hope to leave behind paintings that embody this present moment worthy of study”.


My work is about moments that transport us beyond every day life.  Expressions of contemplation, undisturbed and hidden, that share our common experiences.  Life drawing is where I found my love for the human form. Oil painting is where I discovered my passion for expressing moments of thought and beauty. There is no other medium so well suited for capturing emotion and inspiration than oil on linen.  Technically, my pallet is simple.  Somewhere along the way I discovered Thalo Blue for shading.  This is what gives my work it's noted cooler appearance.  I put more detail into my shadows than traditional figurative teaching recommends.  In my opinion this adds a dimension of depth that has been overlooked.  I work on Belgium linen, birch panels and occasionally copper.  I've always steered my subject matter towards timelessness. Great paintings should lift us out of everyday life and bring consolation.  If my work has inspired you, I am grateful.
– Jacquelyn Bischak