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Jacqueline is inspired by people, animals, and their connections and relationships.
In the midst of our fast-moving, mobile society, she chooses to create sculpture, which has a solid, physical presence to encourage people to pause and contemplate these connections. She has been a professional sculptor for over 35 years, primarily creating pieces for commercial purposes such as film special effects, toys, and collectibles.  Commercial sculpting has been very enjoyable, but creating her own fine art figurative sculptures is now fulfilling in a deeper way.
Drawing on her wealth of experience, her current style is influenced by the beautiful craftsmanship of late 19th, early 20th Century and recent Contemporary Realist American sculptors. Creating her sculpture in a realistic style allows viewers to quickly recognize and relate to the forms. Balance, direction, and energy of the pose and details are carefully considered to compel viewers to move around the sculpture, receiving its message more completely. For her works in relief, which have a single vantage point, the composition reinforces the subject. Just as a coin’s image is sculptural and yet barely raised above its flat surface, relief art “blends” both 2-dimensional drawing and 3-dimensional sculpting. She loves the challenge of creating the subtle interplay of volume, light, and shadow that brings the illusion of a more fully dimensional face, figure, or even an entire landscape. Although she sometimes portrays serious topics, her optimistic and positive mindset generally leans toward uplifting and even playful subjects.
Her optimistic character has been an asset in her career and has allowed her to embrace many new opportunities. She first started working at Disneyland Entertainment Art Department while a sculpture student at Cal State Long Beach when the art director came to teach a class, recognized her aptitude, and hired her. This began a lifelong connection with Disney. Toward the [...]

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