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Raised in the heart of the Canadian prairies on a grain and cattle farm, Jacqueline developed a love for the colours, textures, rhythm and space of the land and skies which influence her artwork now. The blues and greens of the sky and land are her favourite colours along with the pinks, purples and oranges cast from the setting sun. People, places, plants and animals continue to find their way into her work.
Jacqueline has found that the pursuit of freedom in creative expression means leaving the rules behind to move forward in making the art that is truly hers … original and authentic. Allowing play in art often opens the door to new ideas and exploration. The process of making paintings is inspiration in itself.
Elements of nature with neutrals like ivory and subtle colours of grey combined with darks and bright colour are found in her work. She loves organic lines, scribbles and layers over more layers of paint and texture. Transparent colours, covering written word, contours, blended colours that combine to form a feeling…the emotion and essence of a time, a place or a subject. Look for jewels of juicy thick paint that mark her brushstrokes. Those marks contain the love and energy of the creative process.
Jacqueline lives near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She enjoys creating art, collecting recipes, parenting, teaching and helping others connect to their creative voice. She is married to Randy who is a manufacturer of fine furniture who loves the outdoors and can't get enough fishing in the great Saskatchewan lakes. She is mom to two little girls who are her greatest creative endeavor. They love horse back riding, playing, Lego, decorating, giving gifts and painting with mom.

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