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Whenever I'd been asked, when did you know you wanted to be an artist? I never had an answer. I realized later in life, that
drawing was an ever constant part of who I was and studying art was my strongest interest. A natural talent gave me an innocent
confidence to put down visually my view of the world. So, in my toddler years, my tool of choice was a stick, my first canvas dirt and
my first abstract ran the length of our house. Then, throughout grade school, painting murals on brown paper or glass windows for
perked up those years. Junior and senior high had art classes available, Supplies were minimal, but those rooms were my creative
I studied fine arts at Pratt Institute for 3 years, and later, studied watercolor portraiture with water colorist Phoebe Flory. I studied
air brush in Boston and and worked as a technical illustrator and printed circuit designer.
While raising my family, I acquired a knack for scenic painting and worked for 15 years on many productions for local community
theater companies. With limited resources, set painting involves covering a vast area with a lot of paint in a short amount of time .
The end result being an enormous work of art, setting a backdrop for actors and adding impact to the audiences theater experience.

Today, my artwork is on a very human scale. Capturing the instant light moves in and around an object, whether a still life, landscape or portrait, has directed my choice of subject, and using different mediums, how to interpret it.  I love pastels not only for their painterly qualities, but for it's tactile stimulant, drawing a sensory connection back to the simple childhood pleasure of finger painting.


2021  Pastel Society of Colorado Online Juried Show, [...]

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