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A native of St. Paul, Minnesota Jack Westin began painting at an early age under his grandmother's watchful eye. An outdoor enthusiast and nature lover Westin guided canoe trips for many years in  Northern Minnesota and Canada. His brother Dr. Robert Westin is a noted art historian and former head of the art department at the University of Florida. Westin holds degrees in Art and Theater from Macalester College and post graduate degrees in both from the University of Minnesota.   
When he co-founded St. Paul's Eastside Theatre in 1963  he abandoned painting and began a 40 year directing career working with such legends as Tennessee Williams, Ginger Rodgers, Robert Goulet,  Myrna Loy, Nina Vance, Dale Robertson, Barbara Eden and Carol Lawrence. A staff director for Houston's Alley Theater's he directed their all-time box office hit, Life With Father.  As Executive Director for Texas City's Arena Theatre he built the theatre into one of the countries leading and most innovative community theaters producing and directing Robert Shennekan's Kentucky Cycle.   And  somehow through it all managed to find time to be a part time contributor  for NFL Films.  
Retiring from theater in 2001 gave him time to renew his love of the outdoors ... and to begin painting  scenes from New Mexico's majestic Sangre de Cristo mountains.
He now can frequently be found on the tennis court or hiking in the mountains with his wife Anne and his dogs Shorty and  Nick.  The three maintain a home in Northern New Mexico where they enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. Westin now focuses on putting drama on canvas rather than on the stage. 
Among his favorite painters are Albert Handell, and Wilson Hurley. He takes great inspiration from Taos artists Stephen Day, Don Brackett, Terko Wilde, Valerie Graves, and Peggy Immel and especially [...]

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