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JCVA was begun in 1984 and is a non-profit association made up of recognized and emerging artists from a variety of 2-D and 3-D visual art forms in various media.   This diverse group generally sponsors four (4) juried exhibitions each calendar year, at various venues in northeast Florida, with awards.  All shows strive to provide a welcoming environment where art makers may exhibit their works, gain awareness of what other artisans are doing, sell their creations and benefit from networking with experienced artists and gain exposure.
Key to success, is promoting both the art and the artist.  A primary function is mounting exhibitions and sharing additional opportunities where artists may also show and sell their work.  Awards and recognition help to build stature and invitations to participate in other art events.   We are fortunate to have wonderful relationships with several galleries and beautiful public spaces along with local businesses that have partnered with us to promote us and support them.  Additionally, we celebrate our members and their artistic activities through social media and this website .
In advance of exhibition dates, the membership receives a prospectus outlining any theme, qualifications and requirements by the hosting gallery (such as limits on dimensions or subject matter) with information about the entry fee, sales commission schedule, important dates (pick-up and drop-off) and documentation to adhere to the pieces for drop off.   Exhibitions are limited to members in good standing.  It is recommended that pieces be available for sale, but artwork may be submitted "NFS" (Not For Sale). 
Each juried show features 2-D work that can be hung and includes 3-D media when our host venue can support such displays. Normally, there is an opening reception with a presentation of the cash awards and ribbons. However, most gatherings have been temporarily curtailed with Covid-19 restrictions. 
Artwork should always [...]

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