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Jackson O’Rourke is a visual artist from Houston, Texas, currently residing in Bellingham, Washington.
O’Rourke began painting in 2013 while still in Houston, beginning with oils on small canvases. O’Rourke moved to Bellingham in 2017 and began painting highly texturized pieces on larger canvases (most recently 10x4 ft.,) believing that the larger the scale, the less removed the viewer. His paintings are textured ruminations with a wide variety of materials on canvas, chaotic, anxious and intentionally evocative. With his roots in Houston, paintings such as his avian series remind one of a topographical map of a region defined by intense rural/urban interaction. The use of different materials creates a 3 rd dimension to his work, literally; a bird’s-eye-view of the chaos that defines the urban sprawl both Houston and the Pacific Northwest. The anxiety depicted in the paintings include a reflection of growth from the chaos of the young adulthood, a sort of coming-of-age story told in the painted manifestation of a fuzz-guitar solo. Currently, O’Rourke is running and producing his work out of the Piano Room studio in downtown Bellingham, bringing a wholly DIY aesthetic to the downtown art scene. He is also the curator for the Racket in Bellingham, Washington. 


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